Sweet Treats and a Sunny Day

Okay, this post hasn’t much to do with wine. First of all, it’s not 5 o’clock in the Cleve yet -though I know it is somewhere- and I’m enjoying a little sweetie I wanted to photograph and share with you. It’s Cake Balls. I know, for most gourmands, I’m coming into the game a little late. And go ahead, feel free to make the inevitable double entendre. Actually, it’s difficult to choose words to describe them without having to hit delete a few times.

I found this treat at The Cute Little Cake Shop here in Cleveland. I could go on about how delightfully tasty and wonderful they are but pictures speak louder than words. As for a nice pairing, it might be cool to venture back into the world of white: A tasty Chardonnay or Riesling, or maybe a little of both. And I think it might be more fun for a girls’ wine night ~ balls out ~ so to speak.

Until then, I’m going to sit outside, bask in a glorious afternoon and savor my cake balls. One at a time.