Wine Wednesday: Maysara Jamsheed Pinot Noir 🍷😊

One of the best things about summer is getting together with friends for an amazing dinner and trying a new Pinot Noir! Featured for the evening: 2014 Maysara Jamsheed.

Cultivated in the Momtazi Vineyard located in the foothills of Oregon’s Coastal Range, these grapes have been given much TLC that is necessary produce top quality pinot. The temperatures in this particular region separates them from impact from the valley. Here, there are warmer days, cooler nights and lower precipitation during their harvest. Because pinot is a delicate grape to cultivate, this gentler microclimate is best especially in the days leading up to harvest.

Tea Time

Maysara’s philosophy is that “90% of winemaking takes place in the vineyard.” They believe in truly biodynamic cultivation – a ‘nature to nature’ credo. They shun the chemical approach  by the use of compost tea, made through the propagation of an assortment of medicinal flowers and herbs that are brewed into a steeped tea. Steeping extracts the most beneficial elements which are then worked back into the vineyard soil. This boosts optimum health for the soil, vines, and then the grapes.

What a Pair

Our wine was paired with an incredible dinner of fragrant lamb tangine, grilled root vegetables, and roasted cauliflower with yogurt mint sauce. The delicate balance of sweet and spice played beautifully with the spritely cherry, luscious blackberry, and light cracked pepper vibe of the wine. Since this was a ’14 vintage, it had just the right amount of aging to truly release its tender nuances. This pairing was outstanding.

I would like to eat this picture.

My thanks again to our friends, Judy and Greg, for a wonderful evening of fun, incredible food, and an amazing wine that is one of my new favorites of the summer.

Cheers! 🍷


Top Three Valentine’s Themed Wines!

It’s the weekend before the official love day, and whether you’re just celebrating you or love divine with your partner, thoughts ultimately turn to… wine!

Much like at Halloween, I noticed many labels this year sporting a serious Valentine’s vibe.

Here are three that caught my eye.



2014 Queen of Hearts Pinot Noir

Young and fruity, this Pinot has flavors of:

• Red fruit such as: strawberry, cherry and raspberry

• Cola- yes! Like the soft drink, this wine has that bright, effervescent mouthfeel (sans bubbles) that you find in cola. It made this almost refreshing in a way.

• Silky tannins

It pairs well with:

• Pullled pork, seared salmon/tuna

Roasted chicken or duck

• Cherry flan

LO-VE Wines Garnacha

Originating in Spain, but imported and bottled in Napa, this is a 95% Grenach, 5%Tempranillo. What makes this wine unique:

  • Essences of lavender
  • Strawberry, raspberry
  • Liquorice with a hint of leather

It pairs nicely with:

  • Rich, lusty stews featuring pork or lamb
  • British pub classics such as shepherds pie, bangers and mash
  • Favorite winter go-to’s like mac and cheese

2016 Finca Pasion MiAmor Malbec Ihaven’t profiled this on my Malbec Monday posts so this was nice to find! As with most Malbecs, this features darker fruit characters with some spice and:

• Essences of plum, and a little strawberry

• Blackberry

• Clove and pepper for a little caliente

It’s dinner companions include:

• Beef or venison

• Chili con carne, fajitas, beef burritos

• Pasta bolognese or with meatballs

There are many great choices out there to help set the mood but remember this: If you can’t be with the wine you love, love the wine you’re with!

Have a fun and safe Valentine’s Day! ❤️🍷❤️

©TheWine Student, 2018

Holly Jolly

The holidays are the perfect time to spend with the ones you love, and that might even include some people. Ho ho ho!

I know, that was naughty but it stands to reason that especially during this time of year, we all like to add some new and special wines to our collections.

This year, we enjoyed a 2013 Goldeneye Pinot Noir. A gorgeous medium body Pinot, it had lush, full flavors of cherry, blackberry and pomegranate, while remaining grounded with an underscore of earthy mineral and leather. It had an enjoyable long finish, which for me is something I crave in a Pinot but don’t always find. It paired beautifully with our Christmas eve supper of steamed crab and traditional Tourtiere.

From their production notes:

“An extremely dry winter was followed by just enough spring rain to carry us through to a successful harvest. With very few frost days, the fruit set was excellent throughout our estate vineyards. To ensure a perfectly sized, well-balanced crop we were very active in fruit dropping. The remaining clusters were compact, with the abundant small berries that are perfect for high-quality wine. We started harvest 10 days earlier than normal, during a period of ideal temperate weather that allowed us to pick at a leisurely pace, while ensuring optimal ripeness. The resulting wines are marked by a complexity only achieved in cooler years with coursing acidity, beautiful high-toned fruit and nuanced minerality.”

Notes like this are always interesting to read; almost like peaking behind the curtain of what the harvest process involves, and why timing is everything, especially in harvesting a top quality Pinot.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays, and taking time to savor those moments with loved ones, both in and out of the bottle!

Next post: wine to ring in a brave new year. 🥂😁✨

Cheers! 🍷🎁🍷🎄