About The Wine Student

I cannot tell a lie; I am not an expert on wine. If I was, my blog would be called ‘The Wine Expert’.  If you’re looking for advice on selecting the best of the best, I humbly refer you to wonderful blogs by Robert M. Parker, Jr. or Jancis Robinson. If you are looking to join me in my journey through the world of wine, I give you a warm welcome!

I don’t post daily, usually two to three times a week. The reason: Many of the topics I write about require a bit of research, and it takes some time to gather my information and make sure it’s as accurate as possible. I also link to several sources in each post, so I want to ensure that the links work for you. If, by chance, I’ve linked something incorrectly, please let me know. But be kind, as I cry easily.

I enjoy wine and all aspects of it; from popping a cork and sipping, to talking with a winemaker about what they love about the growing and nurturing of it. I’m as comfortable in the vineyard helping with a harvest and crush as I am in a tasting room or event.

I like comments but, please, no spam. And if you have any recommendations about wines you’ve enjoyed, I’d love to read them.

When will the wine student become the wine expert? I  really don’t know the answer to that.  While my wine choices might become a little better or more sophisticated over time, I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning.



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