My 2016 Halloween Wine Picks 👻

It’s Halloween party time! And what better way to conjure some good times than with a cauldron full of bewitching wine-y potions. 

Something wicked this way comes…

Insomnia~ By far the wine with the coolest label I’ve ever seen — [seriously, press play on the video above] and probably even cooler the more wine you’ve had! The wine had a lighter red color and a crisp clarity. The nose was a light raspberry jam– fruity with hint of maple on the nose. I found it to have a slight flavor of chocolate with a bit of licorice, yet the alcohol vibe was a bit heavy for me.

 LaCantina Cab Sauv ~ This offering had a deep, dark claret color with a bouncy blueberry essence on the nose, which wasn’t as  heavy as you might expect from a Cab Sauv. The main flavor was black currant and kind of was lurking. It wasn’t as bold as you’d expect from a Cab Sauv. It was almost like a Pinot in the sense that the flavor sometimes needs to be coaxed  out of the shadows. Overall, not a bad sipper. 

 Witches Brew ~ This fortified wine (because spices are added) is a different type of wine than I’ve experienced. The label suggests warming it like a mulled wine. On the nose was a beautiful scent of vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon, which was intoxicating. If you enjoy a mulled wine, this will be a sweet treat for All Hallows. Keeping it warm is best. 

So these are my three picks for this year’s Halloween wines…no tricks, just treats. 

Whatever you choose to sip, have a very happy and safe Halloween!

Boo! 👻


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