Dream a Little Dream

Red, robust, and resplendent. I kept these words in the back of my mind when I was searching for an enjoyable wine to serve with dinner. And it’s a nice surprise when you find it. 

We’d enjoyed the Dreaming Tree‘s Crush Red Blend a couple of weeks ago while on vacation in Muskoka, and really enjoyed its rich flavors. So when I happened across their 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, into my shopping cart it went. 

Dreaming Tree Wines is the California based collaboration of Dave Matthews (yes, that Dave Matthews) and Kiwi winemaker Sean McKenzie.

 A widely sustainable winery, Dreaming Tree is part of a solar initiative including four wineries that are collectively powered by  17,000 solar panels; the largest solar footprint in the U.S. wine industry. The bottles are made of a lighter-weight glass, and labels are recycled kraft brown paper. 

I’m not one to be swayed by the fact that a wine is affiliated with a big name; if I like the wine, it’s because I enjoy what’s inside. But this wine, paired with our grilled tenderloin, buttery mashed potatoes, steamed seasoned green beans and spinach salad was a good match. The dark bouquet had hints of black cherry and swirled flavors of rich raspberry compote, and a whisper of chocolate and oak that tasted like… more. 

Moderately priced (around $14.99) ~ it was a tasty, easy drinking wine that paired well with a relaxed dinner on the patio. 



2 comments on “Dream a Little Dream

  1. Nell says:

    Love the description…🍷

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