The Jackpot Question in Advance: What Are You Drinking New Year’s Eve? 

“Maybe it’s much too early in the game, but I thought I’d ask you just the same…”

This New Year’s, HubbyDoug and I are keeping it simple at home with chicken and tempura vegetable fondue and prosecco. While I’d love to bring on 2016 with a big bottle of Dom Pérignon, I’ll be the only one drinking it;  HubbyDoug’s not a fan of champagne. And drinking the entire bottle myself probably won’t lead to a very happy New Year’s Day.

I chose prosecco for dinner over traditional champagne because of the lighter, more floral | fruit vibe it brings to the party. Since dinner will take a couple of hours to meander through, I figure I can pace myself nicely until midnight.

But when the Times Square ball drops, I’ll treat myself to a split of Vueve Clicquot. It’s my little gift to me to bid the old year adieu, and welcome in the promise of a brand new year.

Now… What are you drinking New Year’s Eve??


©TheWineStudent, 2015


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