H2~Full of Grace

The afternoon was spectacular. If you’ve ever lived in climates with four seasons, your senses begin anticipate the beautiful change that’s taking place all around: the brilliant colors heralding early autumn, and a slight, refreshing chill in the air.

To wind down a little, after running errands and, blissfully, with no time constraints, HubbyDoug and I spent our mid afternoon at H2 ~ Huth and Harris Wine Merchants in Medina, OH. We’d been in briefly during the Ice Festival and I’d promised myself that I’d revisit when I had time to sit, sip and peruse the well-stocked shelves.

The atmosphere made me think of the beautiful wine shops we visited while we were in Paris. The leather furniture, rough-hewn tables and dark wood ambient enveloped us in a warm, relaxed vibe. Looking out the open main doors, we could just watch the world go by as we slowed down to enjoy our wine.

H2 provides a great variety of  wine flights; white and red, by-the-glass selections, and accompanying tapas menu. I felt so relaxed, I let Doug choose. His pick: Four Graces Pinot Noir.

I enjoyed just meandering around with my glass in hand checking out the extensive collection of wine. It was a great way to spend a lazy Saturday. It’s  a space I’d love to come back to, and to share with our friends.


©The Wine Student, 2015

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