Sunday Fun Day!

When I went for a run with my girl today, I could feel the change in the air. It didn’t matter that just last week we’d had the best park charcoal barbeque ever, in sweltering heat. What a difference a week makes…

The chill in the breeze and the way the sun hit the trees felt all too familiar. When I got home, I busied myself with little chores that I’d put off in the past few weeks. Feeling accomplished, even though I still had my running clothes on, I opened at bottle of 2010 Mendoza Vineyards Malbec. I wanted to take a little moment to toast the little things that herald the coming fall ~ even though we’ll have a few more warm days before the cold air becomes a longtime companion. 


One comment on “Sunday Fun Day!

  1. Nell says:

    Love it…🍁🍁

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