Of ‘Cards’ and Men

“Power is the old stone building that stands for centuries.” – Frank Underwood –House of Cards

House of Cards Season 3 has been streaming all over the world today, and like a good kid who is waiting to open gifts on Christmas morning, I am being patient. And waiting… to bingewatch. To pass the time creatively,  I thought about what type of red wine might personify the two main characters, Francis and Claire Underwood.

Zinfandel (Frank Underwood) ~ Despite having some deep, dark secrets, this American beauty has a deceptively light-bodied feel. It also sounds like ‘sin’ so there’s that. Famous for its intense fruit flavors like deep raspberry, rich mocha and spicy strawberry, Zin is typically higher in alcohol than most light-bodied reds. Which is a good thing when you’re dealing with drama of Shakespearean proportions.  You just know that choosing this red, you’ll be getting into the kind of trouble that reaches the highest levels. I wonder how it pairs with ribs?

Lambrusco (Claire) ~ On the surface this is a cool, lightly effervescent wine. Yet the more you get to know it, the more the delicate texture and flinty flavors of strawberry and blueberry begin to give way to just a hint of underlying bitterness. Which is a delicious and dangerous combination. Sometimes it’s good to enjoy the bitter and the sweet.

If you’re like me, you’ll be parked on a couch, bearing witness to an epic tale of deception, woe and political machinations. Make sure you pair it with the appropriate beverage. And watch your back!


Cover image via Netflix, and my laptop

©TheWineStudent, 2015


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