Funky Cold Medina

We did it for love. And we did it for fun. It didn’t matter how cold it got, and it got very cold. HubbyDoug, our friend Shelly and I got suited up in our warmest winter wear, and ventured out to the 21st Annual Medina Ice Festival in Medina, OH. We wanted to check out the sculptures, and the speed ice carving competition. The artists had about 20 minutes to take an oblong shaped block to completed creation. It was amazing to watch them wield their chainsaws to create beautiful, icy artworks. We thought better of pulling a ‘Flick’ from Christmas Story, even though the photo op would’ve been awesome. Instead, we found a perfect warm place at Main Street Cafe, had dinner and let our extremities slowly thaw. The wine helped. I chose an interesting Pinotage from South Africa which paired really well with my Filet sliders. We finished the evening with a Cinna-Heart Martini, a quick stop at H2 Wine Merchants and toasted a fun prelude to Valentine’s weekend.

The Medina Ice Festival continues today, February 14, through Monday, February 16.

No matter how cold it may get where you are, I hope you are able to enjoy warmth in your heart from those you love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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©TheWineStudent, 2015


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