White Wine Wednesday ~ Torrontès

When I was buying white wine for a recent dinner party, I was looking for something with a bit of weight but different than Chardonnay.

Light and crisp with touches of peach and citrus, Torrontès is similar to Voignier in its structure (nice body but delicate ceatures), aromas and acidity. It is a uniquely Argentine white variety. Vineyards in the Cafayate Valley are situated in their own microclimate; approximately 9,800 feet above sea level, with scarce rainfall, creating the perfect environment for light, well bodied wine. Tasting notes suggest enjoying it young ( this was a ’13). And it is well paired with smoked meats, medium-strong cheeses, sea delicacies and Thai food. I paired it with soy- marinaded chicken stir fry with red and green sweet peppers. The soy brought out more of the spice on the finish that was refreshing and enjoyable.

Even though it’s bone chilling here in the Cleve, I wanted to break away from my omni- present reds. I love them but this lightish white was right. For tonight.


©The Wine Student, 2015


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