When Stoned Isn’t Always So Much Cooler

It was bright, sunny, hot (yes) and crystal clear here in the Cleve. And like the summer romance that vanishes by Labor Day, I chose to make the most of it while it was here. I wanted a little glass of Chard to toast a beautiful late afternoon but nothing was cold (stupid fridge ~  for not knowing what I needed before I knew what I needed). Bah! And so I did something one should never do with any white wine ~ I opened it anyway and tried to chill it with some frozen whiskey stones. Desperate times called for somewhat desperate measures. How did they fare? About as well as you can imagine … notsomuch. While they created a nice little bubbly effect on the glass, they didn’t help cool the temp to drinkable. But then again, they’re not really designed for wine.

Well, live and learn. And in future, I’ll make sure I always have a couple of bottles on the chill. Because that’s so much cooler for me if I do.


©TheWineStudent, 2014


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