MmmmmMonday :)

Quick and easy ~ that’s what I wanted for tonight’s dinner. I made a potato | leek soup in about 30 minutes and followed it with a tossed salad to which I added some cubed, rich and creamy smoked Gouda. Although the weather in the Cleve has still been snowy and cold, I thought I’d trade my usual red for a  nice 2012 Parducci Small Lot Blend Chardonnay. It had been chilling for a while (so I put on another sweater before I poured my glass). Waiting for HubbyDoug to get home ~ downtown Cleve traffic can be a bit snarled this time of day ~ I thought I’d sample a tiny bit of the wine with a few small bites of the gouda all on its own. The smooth and soft consistency, and delicate yet lush, smoke undertones of the cheese was heightened by the lively peach and pineapple essence of the Chard. So nice.

Enjoying a little cheese and wine helped to pass the time until  we were all together to enjoy a cosy night at home, and start our week off on a high note.


©TheWineStudent, 2014


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