No Glove, No Love: Wine Condoms?

Quick! Put it on before it spills all over the place! And don’t use Saran Wrap because that doesn’t work. No, ladies and gentlemen, the Wine Condom is not a condom that tastes like wine. Developed by Mitchell Strahan, and his mother, the Wine Condom provides an interesting way to reseal your bottle of wine ~ without the risk of drippage that can occur with traditional bottle stops or reused corks. Like most great inventions, necessity was key; Mitchell’s mother, stand-up comedian Laura Bartlett tried to use Saran Wrap and an elastic band to seal her unused bottle of wine. When she tried to store it on it’s side in the fridge, sadly, there was no happy ending.

Made from food-grade rubber, the Wine Condom works like a standard condom: Put the little cap over the end of the bottle and roll down the neck until…wait ~ did you at least get a dinner before this? The ‘one-and-it’s done’ condom creates a seal on the outside of the bottle, allowing you to lay it on its side, or it can fit on your refrigerator door shelves, which can be a problem with a cork or bottle stop.

The Wine Condom at Work [Image via]

The Wine Condom at Work [Image via]

 Currently, the Wine Condom is only available through Kickstarter. With a donation of $7 or more, you get a pack of 10 wine condoms ( the ‘large package’ contains 25). A $30 donation gets you a pack of wine condoms, a cool T-shirt and they’ll raise a glass to you!

Be careful with using wine condoms with sparkling wine ~ the carbonation causes the condom to blow right off! It’s better to be safe than sorry ~ you don’t want to shoot your eye out.

The Wine Condom seems to be really trending right now, and it’s great to see someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and sense of humor doing well.

Don’t you just love a story with a happy ending?


©TheWineStudent, 2014

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