Wine-y Wednesday: Lucky Me

I was preparing a lovely, fresh cod dinner and wasn’t sure which wine would work (that’s a lot of alliteration, so have a sip). Regular convention would say: White wine. But Wine Student convention asks, “What’ve you got within quick reach?” Hmmm….something with a bit of pep to bring out the flavors of a light fish. At the Fabulous Food and Wine Show (more about that in my next post),  I’d been turned on to a great Shiraz ~ The Lucky Country, 2010. In addition to the fish, I was also making the lovely Janet’s Tomato Soup with Lemon and Rosemary, and since there was a bit of a spicy vibe in the soup, I thought it might be a nice change from the ordinary.

I was impressed by the depth and round quality of this wine when HubbyDoug and I sampled  it on the weekend, and since it was within reach…! The Lucky Country more than lived up to its name; full of rich, dark fruit; with a round and creamy mouthfeel, it melded beautifully with the light quality of the breaded fish, and finished off with a tiny little kick of licorice. It tasted so good with the fish that I found myself taking each bite, and savoring a long, languid sip.

It made a hump-day meal so much more enjoyable. Lucky me!


©TheWineStudent, 2013.


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