Gervasi Vineyard: The Grape Escape



If I could design a winery, this would just about do. It would have picture perfect scenery, great food, wonderful wine and a vibe that would entice any stress to fall away. Pulling in to Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, Ohio, I felt as though I was entering a different world.

From the moment we got out of the car, to wandering around the vineyard exploring the Villas, Marketplace and restaurant, it was a place that felt so relaxed and tranquil. I was happy to be with my friends, Terri, Cindy and Shelly ~ we hadn’t been together on the road since our trip to Napa almost two years ago. It was wonderful to reconnect while sharing some laughs and good wine.

After enjoying lunch on the patio we strolled the grounds and saw family come  together for a 92nd birthday celebration. Others played  games of bocceball or corn hole. Scattered here and there were couples enjoying a glass or two of their favorite wine,  while lounging in Adirondack chairs by the pond.  But before we got too blissed out, we made our way to the Bistro tasting room for our Wine Flights.

Some highlights: Ciao Bella: One of their Chardonnay offerings that had a slighlty bitter fiddlehead start but settled into a buttery finish. The Lambrusco, a sparkling white made from grapes imported from Italy. It had a refreshing pear and vanilla vibe that the girls thought would pair nicely with apple, peach or strawberry tarts. Next up was Malvasia Bianca, one of their select wines that had a much stronger pear on the nose and a nectarine, honey vibe.

For the reds, I chose the ZinZin; a mighty smooth operator tasting of bold black cherry with a peppery bite on the finish. The last choice in my flight was the Nebbiolo, that started out with a chipotle pepper ~ chocolate vibe on the nose but ended with an unexpected earthy finish.

Wanting to end our visit with something a little sweet we decided to indulge in a little Pizza Nutella; a wickedly good confection of Nutella and chocolate ganache with toasted hazelnuts, topped with a creamy vanilla gelato. Nutella pur tutti!

It was the perfect end to a truly perfect day.


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©TheWineStudent, 2013




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