Vintage Ohio Wine Festival ’13

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The skies were changeable, and in the Cleve this summer, it’s been pretty much  the norm. Throwing caution to the wind but coating my hair with another layer of anti-humidity hairspray, I met HubbyDoug and our friends, Z and Cindy, on the East side to check out the Vintage Ohio Wine Festival at the Lake Metroparks Farmpark in Kirtland, OH.

The place was huge, with tasting areas scattered throughout food and craft booths. Surveying it all we just decided to find a spot and get in line. Our pick for the night: The Winery at Spring Hill ~ Chambourcin. It had a light and refreshing cranberry vibe and offered the most complexity of the wines we sampled. I also enjoyed the Auburn Twin Oaks Winery ~ Maple and Vine sweet dessert wine.  Made from a blend of Riesling, Traminette, Vignole, Vidal, and infused with maple syrup , I thought it would pair nicely with richer, creamier cheeses such as Brie, goat or triple creme. As for sweets with this sweet; fresh fruit (pear, fig, apple)  or delicate biscotti would enhance the flavours. Anything too tart… wouldn’t be smart. Okay, I’m really sorry, that was bad.  And if you’re reading this after 5pm, you should have a sip of wine. Maybe two.

On our way out, we stopped by the American Wine Society booth. I had a great chat with reps Arlene Mole, and Janice Cobett, Regional Vice President. The AWS promotes wine appreciation through education and they told me about some  upcoming events, including the National Conference taking place in Sandusky this November. Hmmm, spending a weekend learning more about wine? I’m there!

The festival features live music with local talent, cooking demonstrations, wine education seminars, a ‘Meet the Wine Makers Experience‘ and a Gourmet Food Truck Explosion, which, as we happily discovered,  just meant really amazing gourmet fusion entrees.

The fun continues today, from 1 until 10 pm.


©TheWineStudent, 2013


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