My Wine-y Summer Reading Pick

“Gewurztraminer is very much like a rock band that will perform only if the organizers can deliver on a long list of silly demands.” ~ Evan Dawson

When you’re on vacation, time and space have a tendency to stand still. At least they should. It’s when you get back that everything goes from zero to sixty. I had been hoping to have a few spare moments to sit down and write but reality had its own plans for the last week. And even when I got the rare chance, I’d look at the blank screen and wait for divine inspiration. And wait. And then I’d get a glass of wine and wait. And then I began to think about the moments on the dock when I settled into my book and let time evaporate.

Summer in a Glass by Evan Dawson is a great exploration into the world of winemaking in the Finger Lakes. He takes you to thirteen wineries, giving a detailed back story about how each of the winemakers got their start; how they knew that that they only ever really wanted to make wine,  and what, despite some serious hardships, brought them to the Finger Lakes region to ply their craft. He paints a lucent picture of their highs and lows, and how they all seemed to find a home in these vineyards and, for the most part, with each other.

Dawson’s tome is great study of a region, and of winemakers who ~ against many odds ~ produce some very interesting wines. They are as diverse a cast of characters as you’ll ever find, who do their thing with a lot of heart.


©TheWineStudent, 2013


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