Summer Chiller

ImageI hit the dock and realized I’d forgotten the most essential thing. I’ve been enjoying some great white wines this summer, especially Sauvignon Blanc from a variety of regions. But I had nothing to enjoy with this sunny day. At the local LCBO, I happened to find a blend that looked promising. The ’10 Generation Seven White – a Niagara mash-up of Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Gerwurztraminer spoke to me, in part, because of the grape varieties, the label art and because I thought that since it was a’10, there might be a significant melding of essences that might not be present in a younger vintage. 

I found it to be a nice, chill little wine to enjoy on the dock, watching the world go by. It was lightly herbaceous on the nose and tasted of tart apple with an undercurrent of fresh celery. I didn’t pair it with anything but a good book and the occasional ‘how are ya!’ to a passing boater. 




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