Unknown Pleasures

After a crazy week getting my girl to and from her end-of-school-year activities, I had a bit of time to grab a slice and wind down. And I did the very thing that would make most wine connoisseurs grimace and develop a nervous tic. I drank a wine that had been in my fridge for a few days. I know what you’re thinking, “Ack, what the hell, girl?!”  But like bravely taking the walk of shame, and accepting my culpability, now I have no regrets.

When I pulled the bottle of Cameron Hughes Lot 324 Chardonnay from my fridge, I had my doubts. But it was a warm evening and I wanted something a little refreshing ~ somehow, a red just seemed too heavy. And there it was, just like the kinda-cute guy you didn’t quite notice until closing time. It wasn’t until I paired it with the basic cheese, mushroom and pepperoni pizza that things really started to happen. (Really, pairing pizza with WHITE? Girl, you must be tired.) Read on, brave one… First on the nose was a pleasing pineapple vibe. I wasn’t expecting to detect anything, given how long it had been laying low. As I sipped, while enjoying my pizza, the flavours of almond, toast and flowers were ever present; ending with a rich buttery finish. It totally surprised me that after this length of time, it could still offer such a nice flavour experience. The pizza must’ve been very salty; since that element is a very wine-friendly component that helps to soften hard elements , increase the perception of body in the wine and take down the acidity and bitterness. See, I did learn something from my course!

It wasn’t a wine expert’s ideal situation, at all. I understand completely. But I also understand the pleasure you can get from a little surprise that happens when you least expect it.


©TheWineStudent, 2013

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