Mother’s Day Mimosa Magic!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

It was the warm scent of cinnamon buns that got my feet on the floor. And when I got to the kitchen, I found another surprise of fresh coffee, my favorite flower (the Gerbera) and a champagne flute filled with a Mimosa. As I sipped and enjoyed, I thought a lot about my mother, whom I miss every day, and hope has found a good Mimosa and Martini in heaven. I also thought about being a mother. I remembered how nervous I was at the beginning and how, when my girl first arrived, I looked at her with the split-second, terrified thought of ‘now what?!’ But together with HubbyDoug, I managed to make it through those first awkward days and settle into raising a really good kid.

Part of the sleight-of-hand you perform as a mom is being able to juggle things that come up in your child’s life. You adjust your schedule accordingly, and effortlessly leave them all puzzling how you did it. Tomorrow night is my last class of the WSET wine course. And tomorrow night, my girl is receiving an academic award from her high school. There’s no question as to where I’ll be. As much as I’d love to sample some of the food and wine pairings, it’s okay to cut class. I wouldn’t miss seeing my girl receive something she’s worked so hard for all year.

To all of you Moms who work your magic all year long,  Happy Mother’s Day!


©TheWineStudent, 2013


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