Wine and Dine

It’s holiday time and there’s nothing better than celebrating with a dinner out with good friends. Our pick for the night was a lively Boscaini Carlo Valpolicella Ripasso. While it was somewhat astringent on the nose, it had a hint of something…but what exactly was it? Our friend, Nick, nailed it: Anise ~ similar to black licorice, though not as heavy. The first taste was of a bold, black cherry that gradually swirled into a delicate chocolate finish. It provided a smooth, mellow compliment to my steak and crab cake entree.

I love the holidays. They give everyone a great opportunity to slow down, enjoy a few moments together and create new memories to savor. In light of the most recent tragic events, this becomes even more important. And if you can include a great bottle of wine, so much the better.



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