Spending an Evening with an Icon

I was celebrating the end of an amazing day in the Cleve. It was sunny, warm and beautiful. As I came in from my late afternoon walk I happened to look up at the treeline, just as the sun’s last rays reflected burnt orange off the remaining leaves. I knew it was a day I might not see again for quite some time. So to shake off the chill and toast the day, I decided to do a random pick from my wine rack. I chose a 2010 Nobilo Icon Pinot Noir from New Zealand.

It was a bit lighter on the nose with subtle vanilla notes that I had sniff a few times to really define. It was like when you know what a scent is but can’t quite place it. The color was a bright claret but the most interesting thing was the lingering essence that I’ve never experienced before: Licorice. And it wasn’t something that I really became aware of until about halfway through the first glass. The licorice vibe provided a really pleasing warmth and gave a little more zest to the wine experience.

I thought it was a great little find to celebrate the remains of a great little day.









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