Getting Naked on a Friday Night

I have no idea whether this was a bad wine; just because I wasn’t a huge fan doesn’t necessarily mean it was ‘bad’ per se.  This Naked Grape Chardonnay was an oake-y, light, basic wine; refreshing~ in a way, but not really anything to write home about, at least in my novice opinion. At first taste, I thought it might be a bit ‘off’, but as I continued to sip, it got a little better. And I found it difficult to determine what, other than oak, I could really taste. For the most part, it seemed more watery grape than anything else. There wasn’t much depth or complexity at all. In this case, keeping it simple made it drab and colorless.

Perhaps the most interesting thing I can say is that a blackfly actually did end up in it. Isn’t that ironic?



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