Throwing Caution ~ and a little Cab Sauv ~ to the Wind

Tudal Family Winery '07 Cab auv

Tudal Family Winery ’07 Cab Sauv

When you begin to collect wine, you sometimes find there is a new dilemma: to drink or not to drink. You ask yourself; “does this occasion really warrant opening this nice (and possibly expensive) bottle of  blah blah blah?” Is it wine-worthy?? I found myself with just such a dilemma tonight. I’d gone to my local grocer, had the butcher make up a nice  flank steak Florentine and purchased some roma tomatoes and fresh basil.   We’d all been very busy lately, barely seeing each other, so tonight would be the night we’d sit down and have a long, relaxed dinner together. The wine, I thought, needed to reflect the casual importance of the occasion so I chose the ’07 Tudor Family Winery Cabernet Sauvignon. If you remember from a few posts before, we’d sampled it at the summer wine event. And it was one of the higher-priced wines of the evening. But I remember being told once that wine was meant to be enjoyed. So enjoy it, we would.

The colour was a deep ruby; dark but clear and there was no visible sediment. The nose had the bold essence of blackberry and it was delightfully fruit forward ~  rich black cherry with a nice smoky taste on the finish. When paired with the fresh tomato and basil combination, it came alive with much more depth than I expected.

Steak Florentine with Roma Tomatoes and Basil ~ yum!

Steak Florentine with Roma Tomatoes and Basil ~ yum!

I savored this wine ~ and the slower – paced  dinner and evening I had with my family. It was a wine well spent.


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