Easy, eh?

wine in my garden

wine in my garden

After an extremely busy few weeks, I wanted to take a few moments to sit back, relax and enjoy.  I’d travelled back to my home and native land of Canada to visit family and have been helping my daughter as she finishes out the waning weeks of school. What that really means is I’ve been chauffeuring her all over the greater Cleveland area with more urgency than usual.

Today, I stole away to my garden; no book, no iPod, no phone. It was just me and the trees…and a glass of wine. I chose  a ’10 Matthew Fritz Pinot Noir which provided just the right amount of warmth on a cool-ish day. The big, bold cherry essence  was foremost on my palate and after a few sips, it transitioned nicely to a finish of sweet molasses. It wasn’t an overly complex wine but nicely straightforward; what you tasted at the start was generally what you’d have at the end. Sometimes, the less complex things are, the better.

This break provided some valuable time to collect my thoughts and get myself ready for some bigger changes on the horizon. Where those changes will take me, I’m not sure. What I do know is that my garden, and a good supply of wine, will always help me regroup, recharge and renew.



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