Wherefore art thou Zinfandel?

Tonight, I had the great opportunity to take my daughter to the Great Lakes Theater’s production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. She’d read it last year and will probably tackle it again next year. I wanted her to have the experience of seeing it up close ~ with the hope that the text would magically become real.

Dinner before the show was a special tradition I loved when I was growing up; it made going to the theater more of a special event. We found a little place downtown to settle in for a leisurely bite before curtain. The waiter suggested I try a Monster Zinfandel by Norman Vineyards which sounded scary but proved to be a creamy, full-bodied, fruity gem. I sipped slowly and enjoyed it with a light meal of mozzarella caprese ~ with tomato and fresh basil on a garlic baguette. Managing to save the last few drops for  a dessert of carrot cake was worth the challenge, as the jammy essence of the wine brought out the sweet richness of the cake. Yummy.

In days of yore, you could pick your poison ~ Romeo and Juliet certainly did. And it’s a tragedy they couldn’t have tasted this vintage. They might have lived happily ever after.



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