Conflicts, Corks and Cupcakes

Once in a full, blue moon, you may find yourself with a dilemma: How to be two places at once. A while ago, I bought a ticket to the Corks and Cupcakes pop-up event by Emerging Chefs at Shaheen Gallery in downtown Cleveland. I had my ticket, made a mental note and went on to other things. My daughter came home several days later to remind me of when she was going to debut in her school play. Both events were on the same night.

As it happened, I was able to attend both, but to make it on time to the play, I could only stay for a brief moment at the event. To make the most of my time, I balanced my camera, purse, notebook and the first offering: Amuse Bouche: ‘Lure Me In’. This consisted of a strawberry thyme shortbread with lemon curd, red wine caviar.The pairing: A lively BTA  Extra-Dry Prosecco. The Prosecco was a lighter alternative to Champagne; it didn’t seem as heavily sweet as many sparkling wines tend to be. When paired with the lemon curd and shortbread, it gently awakened the senses in preparation for what was to eventually come. The other ‘courses’ included a cheddar cupcake with Lugana Base pairing, cannoli cupcake with Sangue Di Giuda, salted caramel cupcake with Pinot Nero Rosefinishing with a dark chocolate and bacon cupcake paired with Giome.

The menu of delectable sweets and fine Italian wines looked so incredible, part of me wanted to stay just a little bit longer, hoping they’d make a mistake and bring out the salted caramel cupcake with Pinot before they should. They didn’t. And like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight, my faithful friend,Terri, and I dashed out and off to the play.

This event had all the makings of a fantastic evening out; great music, sweet escapes and wine. I hope to find something like it again, and soon.

But while it was great to attend, albeit briefly, it would never be as special watching my daughter step out on stage for the first time.



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