But I digress…

The Lovely Enon Chardonnay

Tonight, I had a lovely dinner of Monterey chicken, steamed, seasoned green beans, spicy rice. I paired it with a blind pick from my wine rack: an Enon Chardonnay from South Africa.

I haven’t had a Chardonnay since before summer ended but I wanted to tell you about this one. This happened to be my first sampling of South African Chards. It won’t be my last.  This was particularly fresh and kick-y, a light straw color with honey on the nose and very fruit forward on the palate. The oak-y, buttery undertones came alive when paired with the chicken and once the spicy rice came into play, it was like fireworks. It had a burst of light and then sparkled into a warm afterglow which was a real treat. Wait. That sounds like something else that has an afterglow. Maybe that’s why I liked it so much.

I’m going to give this one 4 out of 5 grapes.

Meanwhile, I’m getting the girls together for the Vegan ~ Organic wine tasting. I can’t wait to see what the verdict is!



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