Wild About Macchia! Fall Release Party

After a safe landing back in the Cleve, I am now in recovery mode from the past weekend at Macchia Wines’ Fall Release Party. From the incredible weather, to the fantastic turnout, I think Dionysus was smiling. I had the great opportunity  to work the Futures Barrel Tasting, which gave party goers a first taste of the ’11 Voluptuous and Oblivious Zins. It was both fun and a challenge; I knew some basics about wine, but clearly there was more I needed to learn. So I did what any good student would do: I asked  most of the knowledgable staff for the information. As resources they were helpful, patient and so much more fun than doing a Google search.

I wanted to thank Tim and Lani Holdener, their daughter Tanya, staff  and friends of Macchia who were so welcoming and friendly throughout the event and my time there.

My next posts will be about some thoughts (and pictures) of our adventures in Lodi and Amador County.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my pictures of Macchia’s Fall Release Party.



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