Wine Tasting ~ Original Zin and a little PromisQuity.



 I’ll admit it: I drink around. As a student of wine, I believe that I have to try a variety of wines to find out what I like and, more important, why I like it. I can’t buy a case of one type of wine. I have to experiment and the one I choose to spend the night with might not last until the next weekend.  For this recent wine night with the girls, we compared and contrasted two Zinfandels. In the past, I haven’t necessarily favored the beloved Zinfandel; I’m not exactly sure why. I guess until now, I thought they weren’t full- bodied enough for my liking. That’s what making assumptions does: it makes an ass of, well, just me in this case.

 We chose to go with 09 Macchia ‘Prestigious’ Zinfandel and an 09 Pezzi King Zin from Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma. The Macchia had a lovely, deep red color, was gentle on the nose and possessed a rich, bold berry on first taste. The next sips brought out more of the richness and lusty flavor. It made me think of a Cabernet in its style; I was pleasantly surprised.  We were unanimous in our appreciation of this wine and it seemed to pair very well with the assortment of mild cheeses I had set out.

The Pezzi King Zin was also a pleasant drinking wine but the consensus was that it tasted very young, as though it could be cellared a little longer. While we did pour both through aerators, it might have enhanced the Pezzi to have been decanted for a time.



With the night still being young, we moved on to PromisQous, a red wine blend from California. It boasted a “delightful dalliance” of Zin, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Syrah. We found that it was indeed a playful little minx and paired very well with the sharp cheddar left on our plates from the earlier tasting.

It was a great night of tasting, trying some new wines I’d never experienced before and getting to know some new friends. I’m not sure what the next wine night theme will be but with so many great wines out there, I’m sure it’ll be just as fun.

Just don’t expect me to call you in the morning.



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