Night School

09 Red Rock Winery Reserve Pinot Noir

09 Red Rock Winery Reserve Pinot Noir

A benefit to online learning is that I can enjoy a glass of wine while in class. I couldn’t do that as an undergrad, so this is a nice perk. While I was waiting for our chat to begin, I thought a lovely red might get the creative juices flowing, so I closed my eyes…and chose another Pinot (we have a few in our cellar right now). It was one I hadn’t heard of before: an 09 Red Rock Reserve from California.

At first, I found it had a musty, black cherry quality on the nose, and a vinyl and berry taste with a slight metallic finish. None of these qualities were bad, per se, it’s just what I experienced. A few more sips revealed a nice peppery heat that I began to really enjoy (it’s still drizzly here in the Cleve).

There were some technical problems with my class chat session that never did get resolved, so I was able to enjoy more than one glass.
I didn’t learn much about grammar tonight, but I did learn that Red Rock Winery makes a very nice, unique Pinot. I also learned that 09 is shaping up to be a very good year.



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