What a Bitch!

2010 Royal Bitch Reserve Pinot Noir

2010 Royal Bitch Reserve Pinto Noir

Tonight I went out to dinner with friends to our local but favorite Japanese restaurant. Not really sure what to have, since I’m just starting my journey into the world of wine, I thought I’d try one that might complement my dinner choice of Teriyaki Chicken, so I had a glass of the 2008 Voga Pinot Grigio. I thought the light fruit of the white pinot might counterbalance the flavorful yet buttery consistency of the meal. While it was a nice wine to sip before the main course arrived, it did very little to enhance it. It was a little too light; more of a watered down grape with little acid to offset the richness of the meal.  It wasn’t a bad wine on it’s own, and might work with a lightly seasoned white fish, but with this particular meal, it wasn’t great. And it left me wanting something else a quarter of the way through my dinner. I’m not the type to send anything back, so I quietly slid my glass over to my friend who was going to order another glass anyway.

I asked my server for another suggestion and he brought me a glass of the 2010 Royal Bitch Reserve Pinot Noir. I don’t think he was making a comment about me with the suggestion but who knows?! The difference was amazing. The first taste provided a bouncy yet deep blend of cherry and rich raspberry jam. It had a light finish without being too sweet. And it seemed to get better and richer with each sip. It complemented the savory nature of the dinner beautifully, bringing out the seasonings of the chicken and vegetables and making the dinner a much more enjoyable experience.

It was so good, in fact, I didn’t need dessert.

My rating of Royal Bitch: 4 out of 5 grapes

Voga Pinot Grigio: 2 out of 5 grapes

NB* the graphics I had for the grapes wouldn’t load properly so I’m hoping to have that worked out by the next post!


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